State of California/CHP Flies Son Of Officer From Disneyland To Hospital

Tragically, CHP motorcycle officer Kirk Griess and a Vallejo man were killed Friday morning, August 10, 2018 when a pickup truck slammed into them as they were pulled over on the side of Interstate 80 in Fairfield.

Sadly in this case, with our duty to inform the public about government and business corruption, we report that once again, State Of California, this time through the CHP, used taxpayer funds to not only fly the son from Disneyland by helicopter to the hospital, and also produced a ceremonial parade, using hundreds of paid police personnel and resources to do so…  AT YOUR EXPENSE.

No word from the state or CHP on whether the state paid to have the family of the man Griess had pulled over in such a dangerous place as to killed by another drive treated so extravagantly

Ask yourself, why doesn’t the state pay for anything at all when one of their other loyal servants dies “in the line of duty” as they love to say?

It’s time for the state to quit squandering your money on expenses even crazier than this, such as when a DOG, albeit a police dog, dies while trying to bite the limbs of a person it was sicced on.

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