Massive Equifax Data Breach Could Impact Half of the U.S. Population – NBC News

Let me see if I’ve got this right…

Equifax let’s someone steal MY PERSONAL INFORMATION along with 143,000,000 other people as well.  Their major officers then unload their stock.  Over a month goes by before any of this is mentioned to the public.  Equifax says they’ve set up a website to tell you if you are a victim (In California, the law requires any data broker to notify each person of any breach)…  Instead the site takes you to SOME COMPANY OTHER THAN EQUIFAX to enroll you in a bogus security program that will start billing you after 12 months…  EQUIFAX NEVER DOES TELL YOU IF YOU ARE PERSONALLY AFFECTED.  Then, the give you only one mwens to contact them…  a phone number supposedly manned until 1AM Eastern.  I call at 8PM Eastern Time and get the loudest, most obnoxious music for several long minutes, then the phone line goes dead.

Hey: CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL….  FRY THE BASTARDS and the Feds should ban them from business permanently.

Source: Massive Equifax Data Breach Could Impact Half of the U.S. Population – NBC News


I complained to the CA Attorney General this morning.  That office has been unusually quiet on the matter, but luckily, the New York Attorney General was all over Equifax today, Sept. 8, 2017, and word was that a class action lawsuit was brewing in Washington state.

In the meantime, new information has emerged that Equifax was perhaps trying to limit consumer rights by offering a credit monitoring service for 1 year for free, as follows:

Update: Equifax issued a statement Friday evening. “In response to consumer inquiries, we have made it clear that the arbitration clause and class action waiver included in the Equifax and TrustedID Premier terms of use does not apply to this cybersecurity incident,” the company said.

Sharp-eyed social media users have combed through the Equifax data breach site’s fine print — and found what they argue is a red flag.

Buried in the terms of service is language that appears to bar those who enroll in an Equifax credit monitoring program from participating in any class-action lawsuits that may arise from the incident.



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