Subversion Of Tyranny


səbˈvərZH(ə)n,səbˈvərSH(ə)n/  noun: subversion

  1. the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.

      “the ruthless subversion of failed democracy”

      2. a cause of overthrow or destruction.


ˈtirənē/ noun: tyranny

  1. cruel and oppressive government power or rule.

      2. the tyranny of a police state.

eg. dictatorship, totalitarianism, fascism, oppression, repression, subjugation, enslavement, bullying, cruelty, brutality, ruthlessness

It is for each of us to defend the rights and freedoms of ourselves and of one another.  To otherwise cower away from this human responsibility, is to light the match of the gas chamber of living hell.

FAWKES UNIVERSITY (affectionately referred to as simply, “FAWKES U”) exists solely to implement “curriculums of freedom” for course-correcting the global experience. To this end, we need your generous and undying support, contributions, and unrestrained passion in ridding the verminous and globally detrimental business-as-usual attitudes of some, at the expense of the rest.  Since we can’t be found on social media (social degradation) sites, we need you to spread the word about us as well.  Contributions go rewarded by partnership-identifying gifts.

Be assured, we go to great lengths to locate our web servers and databases in, what is commonly known as the most privacy friendly country on the planet.  Part of our upcoming educational series on privacy will show you how to achieve the upmost in safe security practices, along with offer links to resources to accomplish with ease.

“We pass mainly by night, the gunpowder and torches evolved now to more digital a fight.  We will bestow the reasoning we know be true, cannot be overlooked by few… or by the rest”.